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Instructions: Use WASD to move your character around the map. Use the left mouse to shoot and QEF to use the upgrades.

Shotwars.io - Play free online


How many kills can you pick up in Shotwars.io unblocked? Jump into this shooter multiplayer io game right now to present your skills. There are two game modes for you to play, together with 10 different classes and 11 perks to explore. The mission for you in Shotwars.io game is to shoot all enemies around you while defending yourself from their shots. To power up yourself, you can collect crates on the map and you will receive awesome upgrades, such as faster speed, better vision, health regen and so forth. Make use of these upgrades for more strength and you will be able to defeat the tough enemies. Keep collecting as many kills as possible to grow your score until you touch the top place on the leaderboard. Shotwars.io is a free shooting game, so you can play it anytime you want and have your skills tested through challenges. Much fun!

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