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Instructions: Move your snake using the mouse and speed it up using the left mouse button.

Slither.space - Play free online


In an improved edition of Slither.io, which is called Slither.space unblocked, you will experience an epic battle against other snakes. This io game is all about eating to grow to dominate the arena, so you must quickly find small pellets dispersed around in the arena then eat them all to get your size bigger. Other snakes are around you, so be careful when you go for the pellets!

You can focus on eating the pellets to increase your size. Once you have become a big snake, you can start attacking other enemy snakes. In Slither.space online, the way you kill other snakes is kind of similar to the way you did in Slither.io. You can circle them with your body to make their heads run into you, or speed up your snake to cut them off and make them touch your body. Once they are defeated, pick up their orbs to grow your size. Try to get a high score so you can get to the top rank on the leaderboard. Play Slither.space now! Have fun!

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