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Instructions: Use the left mouse to aim then throw the snowballs at enemies.

Snowwars.io - Play free online


SnowWars.io is yet another amusing Christmas-themed IO game. The game opens a ruthless battle in which you have to slay all enemies using snowballs. You must try to aim then launch the snowballs at the enemies while attempting to elude incoming shots. It won’t be good if you get shot from others as you will surely meet your doom. You are advised to aim at a certain enemy, and when you’re sure about destroying him, quickly throw snowballs at him before he has any chances to strike you back. Never forget to collect the snowflakes on the ground to grow the size of your snowman, plus, you can even throw bigger snowballs. Try to play with good tactics, survive for as long as possible and evolve yourself into the snow-fight champion ruling the entire snow-covered arena. Jump into this awesome battle now to demonstrate your abilities! Have fun! Good luck to you!

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