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Instructions: Direct the movement of your star using the mouse only.

Starflict.io - Play free online


The huge universe in Starflict.io unblocked needs the biggest star to dominate. Can you make one for yourself? In Starflict.io game, you will face against many rivals from around the world. They move around the map with their stars seeking out every chance to destroy you. With a single star in your hand, try to move it and make it larger by gathering as much stardust as possible. The more stardust you gather, the larger your atomic mass will become, which makes other planets become more attracted to your gravitational field, which brings a lot of bonuses to you. Try not to come in contact with other meteors as you will be immediately destroyed. Keep your star safe all the time! Pay close attention to your surroundings and make sure you dodge enemy attacks in time before you take damage. Keep surviving until you can reach the top and rule the entire universe. Play Starflict.io free online!

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