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Instructions: Use WASD for the movement. Hold Shift to speed up, click the left mouse button to swing paddle, hold it for charging up swing, and hitting with more power.

Stolk.io - Play free online


In a fast-paced io game called Stolk.io, you have a chance to show enemies your excellent skills. The game revolves around an epic battle between you and other players from around the world. There can only be one winner with the top rank on the leaderboard in Stolk.io unblocked, so try your best to achieve it. The game features a ping pong ball gameplay. You have to hit other balls to get points and try to get more points than others if you want to win. Stolk.io free online is similar to table tennis game in terms of gameplay. You must use your speeds with excellent skills to dodge the attacks from others as well as knock them off the table. Through over time, your size will grow, which makes yourself heavier and causes your speed to be decreased. You should maneuver carefully to outplay other players. This is a chance for you to practice your skills as well as get a new experience. Play it now! Have fun!

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