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Instructions: Move your tank around the map using WASD or arrow keys. Change your weapons using keys 1-5 , press the spacebar to fire or use the items. Use C to switch between the crafting mode and shooting mode. Press E to collect an item and use M for the map.

Taaanks.io - Play free online


Taaanks.io unblocked is a unique 2D io game that is free for all to play in browsers. You can try it now and present your best skills to the whole world. In Taaanks.io free, you must direct your tank’s movement around a huge map trying to get through all enemy attacks. There are many loot boxes dotted around you, feel free to pick them up for more weapons, ammo, mines, health kits, and a lot of upgrade kits for your tank. A ram is given to you when appearing on the map, this means you have to use it smartly to break all the boxes and deal damage to the obstacles. Don’t be afraid when you come across other enemy tanks. Stay calm and shoot them all to stop them from killing you. It’s very important to play with good strategies so you can outmatch all of your enemies. There is a leaderboard featured in Taaanks.io game too. Do your best to be the leader!


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