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Instructions: Use arrow keys or WASD to move. Use the mouse cursor to look around, spacebar to sprint, the left mouse to throw the hammer at enemies, use the right mouse to summon it back.

Thrower.io - Play free online


Dive into the large arena of Thrower.io unblocked – an awesome io game about survival. There are already many games like this, and Thrower.io is no exception when it brings you a brand new adventure full of tough challenges. You become a small character that is armed with a hammer, which makes you a cunning thrower in the arena. Why are you cunning like that? Because you have to kill all enemies using that hammer. When you see someone passing by your place, quickly throw the hammer at him/her to eliminate them out of the arena. Then, you can summon your weapon back for the next encounters. Make sure you defend yourself from their attacks too because they will kill you in the same way. As you progress, you can upgrade your stats to become stronger. The goal of Thrower.io strategy survival game is to become the best hunter in the entire arena. Have fun!

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