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Instructions: Use the mouse to move your UFO around the map. Use the left mouse to suck objects and other UFOs in the city.

UFOz - Play free online


UFOz unblocked is an awesome yet tough battle io game. Get ready for this 2D space-themed io game and see how long you can survive in the battle. At the start of the game, you will make navigate your UFO around a huge city trying to eat up a lot of things getting in your way. This sounds like another Hole.io or Crowd City game, right? But will be much funnier! There is no limit to your hunger, so feel free to absorb anything you want, except for the bigger enemies. You cannot eat their UFOs if you are still smaller than them. In this case, you’d better run away from them before they catch a chance to eat you up. Instead, focus on eating more other stuff, especially smaller rivals to grow your power and size. It’s important to improve your UFO during the battle. You must survive long enough for dominating the top rank on the leaderboard.

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