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Instructions: Use the mouse for the movement. Click the left mouse to toggle the power and the length of your light beam.

Unlit.io - Play free online


Unlit.io must be an exciting yet tough web browser game in which you will battle against other players using your given flashlight. When you roam around the big map, try to shine your flashlight on others to steal their power and fade them in the process. This is the main way you follow in order to wipe out the opponents. You can keep the flashlight off to stay invisible to other opponents. However, you still have to watch out for their attacks because they can shine their flashlight on you then wipe you out instantly. You should keep the flashlight off until an unsuspecting one approaches, then you sneak up behind them to defeat them easily. Winning has never been an easy thing! But it will easier to win if you play with good strategies. Therefore, try to develop your own smart strategies throughout the course of the game and end up as the final victor!

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