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Instructions: Use the left mouse to do a lot of actions, and click the right mouse to interact with your unit.

WAZANA.IO - Play free online


In Wazana.io game, you will start building a base, controlling resources and fighting against enemies for the ultimate arena supremacy. You should attempt to generate as many resources as possible because it’s a crucial element for maintaining an empire. These resources can be gathered utilizing extractors, and you can use them to buy many upgrades, brand new buildings, and even military units. You need to make sure that the resources will be developed carefully so you will have more power to fight against other players. In addition, remember to utilize the special skills that can assist you in times of need. Keep fighting and expanding your realm until you touch the final glory! But if you end up dying due to the enemy attacks, you will start it over from scratch. So play tactically for a chance of winning! Jump into the game now! Have fun and good luck to you!

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