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Instructions: Control the movement of your airplane and aim at enemies using the mouse. Use the spacebar to fire.

Wings.io - Play free online


Everybody has a pair of wings to fly around the skies in Wings.io unblocked! By wings, it actually means their airplanes. Players have to prepare themselves for an epic battle in the skies using their airplanes to fight. You will freely explore the skies with your plane and at the same time, do your best to gun down as many rivals as possible to gather points. There are many weapons dispersed around the map. Rather than using your basic one, you can pick the new ones then use them to deal more damage to your rivals. You can speed up your plane by collecting the power-ups too, which helps you flee away from tougher enemies. The most important thing is to defend yourself from their attacks. Getting shot will be the game over for you immediately. The goal of Wings.io shooting multiplayer game is to rise your name to the leaderboard! Much fun with it!

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