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Instructions: Use Left or Right mouse or Q to boost speed, W to stop, E to be invisible, 1-5 to select a smiley

Wormax2.io - Play free online

Wormax2.io is a fantastic snake unblocked game in Slither style. Discover a classic real-time match similar to the original and get ready to experience new changes your way! Start off with the smallest worm and you should eat as much as possible to turn into the longest monsters on the server.

Wormax2.io is completely free for you to play and compete against tons of enemies online! They are not friendly and you need to perform your action during the adventure carefully or someone smaller than you can kill you whenever. Do not run into other bodies in Wormax2.io or you will explode into pieces and become their dinner! At the beginning stage, you can evade the crowd and collect resources to grow longer. You can choose power-ups to gain interesting abilities. Aside from boosting up your movement speed, do not forget that you are unable to be seen for a while. Let’s participate in the arena and enjoy now!

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