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Instructions: Control your cell using arrow keys or WASD. Aim and throw your yo-yo at enemies using the left mouse button.

Yoyowars.io - Play free online


Yo-yo is a super cool thing to play in real life, right? Now you can use it to kill online enemies in Yoyowars.io unblocked! Say hi to this awesome multiplayer io game and show off your skills now! You begin it as just a small cell in a random position on the map. Your yo-yo is too small to fight off enemies, so you need to collect lots of rainbow circles that are scattered on the map. The more circles you collect, the larger the size your yoyo can reach, then you will feel enough confident to destroy other enemies. You should aim then throw your yoyo at them before they are able to get away from you. Through over time earning enough points from killing enemies, you will level up and so does your yoyo’s size, which helps the attack range of your yo-yo increase too, however, you cannot move fast like before when you level up, so be careful with it! How long will it take you to top the leaderboard?

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