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Instructions: Move your zombie with gun using arrow keys or WASD. Shoot enemies using the left mouse, click the right mouse to aim down sights, press key Shift to sprint, and use key Esc to open the menu.

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Kill zombies with powerful guns in ZombiesWithGuns.io unblocked – a new epic shooting game in browsers! With unique first-person gameplay and amazing graphics, definitely, ZombiesWithGuns.io free online game is a good choice for you. When you spawn in the map, you will see that the zombie players are everywhere in the game arena. If you have no strategies or plans to slay them, you will get defeated, and your brain will be eaten. Hence, it’s very important to quickly gather all tactics you have then use them to kill all zombies. You must aim and gun down on enemies coming in your way. Once they die, go eat their brains to boost your score. Keep making your score higher than ever on the leaderboard until you top it. ZombiesWithGuns free game also features a wide range of zombie skins and weapon load-outs. Feel free to choose the ones you like! Much fun!

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