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Instructions: Choose WASD to walk around, Spacebar to jump, Q to switch items, Left Mouse to shoot, Right mouse to aim

Zombusterz.io - Play free online


Zombusterz.io is one of the top zombie Io games. Visit a dangerous post-apocalyptic world in the new adventure along with other human opponents and shoot down as many walking corpses as possible. Each kill will give you another chance to rank up and get closer to the highest position on the leaderboard. Play Zombusterz.io free online and you can evade them if necessary. However, using the weapons to deal with the undead will be the best way to overrun the city. It’s actually not easy to avoid them! There will be various powerful tools to deploy and choose from. Even, you will obtain plenty of upgrades when you progress within Zombusterz.io unblocked. Before launching anything, you’d better aim carefully. Headshots will allow you to level up sooner. Are you willing to accept the mission and fulfill it in the shortest time now? Don’t forget to compete with other rivals! Good luck!

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