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Cat Ninja

Instructions: Control your cat's movement using keys A/D. Press key W for jumping, key S for ducking, the left mouse for throwing weapons, key Shift for the ninja skill, and key spacebar with WASD to fly. 

Cat Ninja - Play free online

Cat Ninja

Do you believe that a little cat can perform all the ninja’s actions? With Cat Ninja – an epic Ninja game online, it is possible for a small cat to do that. Jump into the game now for a lot of challenges awaiting you ahead. You will take control of the cat who is ready to beat all enemies standing in his way by performing multiple strong actions on lots of dangerous platforms full of gaps. You’d better make sure that your cat will not fall into any gaps, and to secure that, you must help him take a leap over the gaps as well as land down on the ground safely. When he comes across enemies, help him perform all the actions, such as punching, blocking or even flying, in order to defeat all of them before he gets eliminated. You should be aware of all the dangers around you, have your abilities ready so your cat can overcome all of them and get to the ultimate glory to become the most powerful Ninja Cat in the world.

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