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Ninja Cat

Instructions: Move with keys A/D, use key W to jump, key S to duck. Left click to throw weapons, key Shift for ninja, and use spacebar + WASD to fly. 

Ninja Cat - Play free online

Ninja Cat

Have fun playing an exciting Ninja game called Ninja Cat! The game brings you a bunch of challenges that must be conquered using your excellent abilities. You take on the role of a cunning cat that wants to become a talented ninja. You venture out for a dangerous adventure full of enemies, and you want to wipe them out by performing a lot of ninja skills, like moving, jumping, flying, attacking, killing, etc. They are all basic ninja skills that you can carry out during the course of the game, especially when you come across enemies. Try your hardest to defeat all of them and stop them from killing you. Also, you need to be aware of the deadly gaps ahead, you should use the flying skill to overcome all of the gaps, but in case you fall down into them, the game will be over, causing you to restart the adventure from scratch. Do you think you can get to the end of each level? Play the game now!

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