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Boss Fights

Instructions: Press WASD to roam, T to collect, G to drop items, B to buy, P to craft, L to level up items, K to destroy yourself.

Boss Fights - Play free online

Boss Fights

Boss Fights! is a cool online multiplayer strategy game like other .iO titles. In which, you have to defend yourself against a lot of strong enemies from around the world. It’s essential to survive for a long time and until you collect the best score and dominate the top spot! Boss Fights! will lead you to an intense arena where you are cannot avoid encounters. Matches are able to happen in waves, with the unique brand and style of play. So, you are recommended to wipe out everything to progress and rank up. Each horde in Boss Fights! that you clear will open up another more difficult stage. To conquer challenges and increase your points, remember to find out the most appropriate tips. In addition, you should not forget to gather multiple good weapons. Especially, you are allowed to craft better equipment when you save enough resources. Every item or upgrades will have separate abilities. Get ready to engage in the combat and discover how to deploy them now!

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