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Crowded City.io

Instructions: Use the mouse or arrow keys to control your crowd around the city.

Crowded City.io - Play free online

Crowded City.io

Crowded City io free game unblocked is another clone of CrowdCity.io game and very great inspiration from the mobile app game called Crowd City. You can play it for free online in your browser to show off your skills one more time. Like its predecessors, in Crowded City free game, you have to control your crowd around the city to hunt for more humans as well as to kill more enemies. When you encounter them, make sure you eat them as fast as possible, steal their people and build the size of your crowd even more. You need to keep eating until you generate the largest crowd in the city, which is your main goal as well. If the enemies are too powerful, you can opt to get away from them before they catch your people. Try to play it with good strategies for a better chance of winning! Good luck to you!

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