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Instructions: Use the mouse cursor to move, Left mouse to sprint and tackle.

Footballwars.online - Play free online


Play Footballwars.online game and explore a fun multiplayer match for free! Select a favorite name and join a playfield in which you can find your team by looking at their color. Not only that, you will see a lot of rivals on the map. Compete against those people to achieve the best score and take over the top spot which will prove your capability and bring back a cool victory to you. So, you will not struggle alone in Footballwars.online.

Actually, you will be covered and helped by several members of your team. But, do not forget to support them when they are in need, especially whilst they are being blocked. Furthermore, you’d better steal and carry the ball to the finish line before you run out of time. Performing your action properly in Footballwars.online will allow you to increase your points, level up, and get stronger. A mad dash is essential to approach and step into the other’s endzone. Attempt to make a touchdown, sprint, and tackle your antagonists to claim!

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