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Instructions: Click the left mouse button to sprint.

Rugby.io - Play free online


It’s always addictive and highly entertaining to play American sports games online, especially Rugby.io – an epic web-browser sports game that is free for all. You will enter a rugby station in which you will compete against many teams in a hard battle. Since it’s completely team-based, you must work with your allies to surpass other teams, attempt to bring the ball to the end zone then score a touchdown in the least amount of time possible. The rival teams will not miss any chances to disturb you, therefore, you have to avoid all the incoming tackles so you can have a better chance of winning. This is going to be a super great chance for you to present all of your sports skills. If you want to master them, then don’t miss Rugby.io! You will surely have a lot of fun! Are you up for this sports game online? Join it now and put your sports skills to a test! Good luck to you!

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