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Instructions: Use WASD to move and click the left mouse to fly.

FlyOrDie.io - Play free online


FlyOrDie.io is a strategy multiplayer game about eating or being eaten, which is somewhat similar to Agar.io, but you will have a brand new experience. Your mission in this IO game is to control a little cute creature and attempt to eat as much food as possible in order to increase your size. There will be lots of opponent animals controlled by real human players, and they will not be hesitant to attack you when their chances come. You must quickly absorb any things standing in your way as you attempt to avoid becoming someone’s food. Through over time eating stuff, you can level up and finally evolve into new animals that are much bigger, stronger as well as have more power. In case you are unable to deal with the dangers, you can totally hide in clouds or bushes, which saves your life easily. Keep eating foods to not only build the size but also refill your health. Will you become the largest creature in the arena? Good luck!

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