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Instructions: Claim an area using the left mouse, mark a bomb area using the right mouse.

HiveSweeper - Play free online


HiveSweeper.io unblocked is not only simply a bee io game but it also revolves around many puzzles for players to solve. Prepare your strategies in advance then jump into HiveSweeper free game to conquer all challenges. There are other 5 enemy bees that you must beat. All of you have to wander around the map to capture the largest territory possible in the hive for a chance of winning. You cannot defeat them without using the strategies that you have prepared. The strategies play a very crucial role here. They can help you get an edge over the rivals easily. When you enlarge your realm, make sure you set some traps for the enemies too. Trap them all before they attack you back! Give them no chances to kill you, otherwise, your game will be reset. Turn yourself into the hard-working and a cunning bee that dominates the leaderboard! Play HiveSweeper multiplayer io game right now!

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