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Instructions: Use WASD or arrow keys to move. Open the map using key M or key Tab. Interact with objects with key E, shoot with the left mouse, open the emoticon list using the right mouse, and reload your guns using key R.

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Zombs Royale io will be another perfect Battle Royale game about zombies. Prepare your skills in advance before jumping into the fray where you face off against wicked enemies roaming the map. It is impossible for you to kill them if you have no weapons, so you must go collect some on the map then use them to deal damage to the rivals. When you get hungry, find some foods to eat to refill your energy. Aside from keeping an eye on the zombies, you must also protect yourself from the toxic gas closing in on the map causing the zone to be smaller. The gas will damage you for sure, so stay away from them. You cannot win ZombsRoyake.io unblocked without using any strategies! Hence, try to use some during the course of the fight to get an upper hand on your opponents. The last one alive will be the winner of the battle.

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