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Soldiers VS Zombies

Instructions: Move your character using WASD, use the right mouse to use the items, drop items using key G, collect items using key E, open the soldier’s shop using key O, and spin with the mouse cursor.

Soldiers VS Zombies - Play free online

Soldiers VS Zombies

Soldiers VS Zombies unblocked is a multiplayer io game opening up a new confrontation between zombies and humans. There are already many io games like this, but Soldiers VS Zombies game can leave a big impression on you. If you play as a soldier, you will face a horde of zombies that is spreading the viruses across the map. You must quickly find a place to survive, work together with other soldiers to block the doors and get through the contamination. The mission for the zombies is to go find all soldiers, get them infected then turn them into zombies. Both teams must have teamwork during the course of the battle to secure the victory. The team that has the last member standing on the ground will win the match. Soldiers VS Zombies game is totally free to play in browsers. You can check it out right now and conquer it all!

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