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Instructions: Use the mouse for the movement, attack enemies using the right mouse and use the left mouse to defend.

FOWz - Play free online


Engage in a brutal fight in FOWz where you can confront with new enemies and battle against them. This is an IO game with Tower Defense element. You will direct your character around the map trying to destroy numerous objects and kill opponents. You are armed with the spin attack which can be used when you need to defend yourself. It will help you fend off any objects blowing up around you, and keep you safe from any harms. Protecting yourself is as important as killing enemies, so you have to keep these elements balanced. In case you get damaged, the game will be over, which means you will restart the game from scratch. Like other games, in FOWz, you must become the strongest player building the ultimate domination! Let’s get your skills ready for these challenges now! This is going to be a nice chance for you to show off what you’ve got. Good luck to you!

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