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Cursor Knights

Instructions: Choose WASD or arrow keys to move around, Left mouse to drink and buy, E to interact, Enter to chat

Cursor Knights - Play free online

Cursor Knights

Cursor Knights is a well-liked RPG game in the fun io style, including countless enhancements for your weapons. Come to the new unblocked match and become the most powerful character! It is an arena in which you will use the cursor to attack monsters. It is easy and exciting to buy another which does not drain your mana. Besides, it will help you do more damage to the target.

The title Cursor Knights free will be set in different areas. Each of them will introduce its own enemy. Try to eliminate them before they kill you in order to be reward XP and Gold! The XP will be the key that opens the next level or the other location where you can purchase upgrades. If you log in Cursor Knights online with accounts, you will receive lots of perks. It’s time to check your abilities and turn into the best warrior! Have much fun!

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