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Instructions: Use the left mouse button for walking, use the right mouse to sprint, press key Shift or spacebar to disguise as a tree.

dinoman.io - Play free online


If you are looking for a great classic free-for-all Upgrades game, don’t miss one called Dinoman.io! The game is not too different from the well-known classic Pacman that can be played online easily on the Internet, but it guarantees that you will have a huge amount of fun. In the game, you will roam around the maze in the form of a cute dinosaur. On your way, there are so many wicked ghosts trying to kill you, make sure to avoid all of them as you attempt to gather many foods for earning points. Another interesting thing about the game is that you can totally play as the ghost if you want. When you take on the role of the ghost, you can go chase the dinosaur and trap it in the corners or tight spaces. Try your hardest to defeat all opponents, earn a high score, survive for as long as possible and work your way to the top of the leaderboard!

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